Children’s book illustrators Ksenia and Anastasia Zababashkina

Twin sisters Nastya and Ksenia glad to see you on this page and would like to introduce themselves; they are both graphic illustrators with their unique style — «childish», kind, expressive and fun! Born and studying in Russia, they work with orders from all over the world and contact with publishers from Russia, China, Netherlands and other countries. Some of the created characters for books and contests are represented here, published books — here. To see an examples of the full page illustrations please visit this page.

You can view full portfolios on girls’ instagrams: zababashkina_illustration (Ksenia) and zababashkina_art (Nastya). If you are interested in cooperation or want to request a pricing of illustrations, please contact through online services below.

Ksenia /

Ksenia Zababashkina


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Anastasia /

Anastasia Zababashkina


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Created characters

by Ksenia:

Boy Girl Grandma Cat illustration Kids arguing Girl with porridge Boy with toys Prideful boy

by Nastya:

Cute boy Cute girl Grandmother Old man with cat Granny with glasses Grandma with apples Cute cat Little bear

Published books

«Family stories in verses. Trick. Quarrel. Boredom» («Семейные истории в стихах. Обман. Ссора. Скука»),, fully illustrated by Ksenia Zababashkina:

Обман Ссора Скука

«My Body Sends a Signal: Helping Kids Recognise Emotions and Express Feelings»,, fully illustrated by Anastasia Zababashkina:

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